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All you have to do is turn on the television this Memorial Day and you will hear the vast differences of opinion in this country on peace and war.


This country was involved in a huge neutrality debate when WWI began. I remember Grandma Burton’s brothers, Charlie & Ted, talking about how cold and miserable it was in the fox holes.

I don’t ever remember them talking about whether or not this country should have been involved in that war.

It wasn’t until I began to do some research tonight, that I remembered my history lessons on what brought us… Continue reading

How Do We Improve Our Sense of Well-being?

Kindness well being

There are numerous ways to show kindness to others, and every one of them will give the added benefit of making you feel better too:

Showing Kindness to a Stranger Will Improve Your Sense of Well-being

Kindess Will Lift the Spirits of Everyone Involved

Kindness Will Lift the Spirits of Everyone Involved

I remember walking into the offices on Hennepin Avenue shortly after I began my job there. It was December and the winds chilled you to the bone. A beggar was sitting in front of the doorway, shielded from the wind by the indentation of the brick building where… Continue reading

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